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Performance Twin Pool / River Board

The Performance Twin Pool surfboard is a specialized and innovative design crafted for optimal performance in river and wave pool conditions. Featuring a hybrid shape, small- er size, and reduced thickness, it prioritizes speed, agility, and maneuverability, making it well-suited for the unique challenges of these environments. The robust construction, hydrodynamic shape, and dynamic tail rocker enhance durability and provide an extra pop for an elevated surfing experience. The revolutionary wing feature improves turning radius, allowing for tighter and more radical turns even in limited spaces, while the option for carbon reinforcement adds strength to the fin plugs and rail laps. In summary, this state-of-the-art surfboard offers riders a nimble and responsive ride, pushing the boundaries of rapid surfing and making the most out of every wave in rivers and wave pools.

All Pool/River boards come with the option of carbon reinforcing on the fin plugs and re-

inforced rail laps to add a little more strength to your board.
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