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Pool Toy Pool / River Board

The Pool Toy surfboard effortlessly channels the essence of a modern fish model, seam- lessly fusing classic design elements with cutting-edge features for rapid and exhilarat- ing surfing. Its refined rails, boasting sharper edges and tucked profiles, enhance water Gow, minimizing drag and maximizing speed on the rapid waves. Tapered noses and per- formance rockers are intricately balanced, allowing the board to effortlessly slice through various rapid waves with unmatched agility. Crafted with advanced materials, this surf- board maintains strength and responsiveness. Rooted in the concept of a modern fish model, the “Pool Toy” surfboard delivers a dynamic blend of timeless aesthetics and con- temporary innovation, ensuring surfers experience the thrill of speed and maneuverabili- ty across diverse rapid wave scenarios.

All Pool/River boards come with the option of carbon reinforcing on the fin plugs and

reinforced rail laps to add a little more strength to your board.
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