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The Iris

The Iris

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Hippy chic with a glamour twist.

Channel your inner wild child with these oversized round frames that’ll have you radiating Woodstock vibes all day long.

Take your look back to the summer of love in these Woodstock-inspired oversized shades featuring glamorous round lenses and smooth clean lines.

The style might be vintage, but there’s nothing dated about the construction. Premium Rilsan 820 Bio Lightweight resin, triple barrel steel hinges and high optical grade polarized lenses make the Iris a thoroughly modern creation.

Our ultimate goal is to make a product that is as durable, ecological and sustainable as we can.

Made in Italy.

All products have a limited warranty of 1 year for defective manufacturing from date of purchase. In the case of scratched lenses, replacement lenses are available for purchase by reaching out to our customer service team. This service forms part of our ongoing endeavour for sustainability and durability.

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